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(Proud Texan)

I want to make this page about me and me only me. Because it’s the only spot on this whole blog that isn’t about Jed and me which makes it super special, because sometimes I feel like it’s all “Jed” this and “Jed” that and “where’s Jed” and “Jed is sooo funny” and “Jed is awesome” and “Jed, that Jed is really going places!” and it makes me wonder if people have more faith in Jed’s potential than they do mine which can really hurt my feelings and I’m pretty sure Jed wouldn’t like you very much if he knew you were potentially hurting his best friend’s feelings and that’s why right now – this is just you and me having a conversation. Just you and me.

So hi there, I’m Jed’s friend Sara.


P.S. You should visit me and my Fwends every single day:


4 responses to “Sara

  1. or you could leave a comment here, just like I’m doing right now!

  2. NUTZOOOOO, i love you guys

  3. blow me, sara.

  4. Maggie Leverton

    We need more chats!! Jed and Sara is the new Perez/hulu all rolled into one. I laughed, I cried, I read things that no one should ever have to read. Can y’all do a special “guest chat” or a chat monologue section?

    Keep on chattin’

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