(it’s Skeletor)

Hey! It’s me! Jed! You know…the star of Chats with Jed and Sara. No? You’ve never heard of me? Maybe you’ve visited my Facebook page? Maybe I was a person you might know. Oh you don’t have Facebook? Well I was on Myspace for a bit. It could have been from there. You were probably looking for another Jed. You don’t know any other Jed’s? Yeah it’s a rare name these days. I have a pretty recognizable face though. So you’ve probably seen me walking in the street somewhere. I know you don’t actually have a picture of me but you’d know me if you saw me. Maybe we could be friends. We could even start a blog together! Just let me know okay?


6 responses to “Jed

  1. Hello Jed,

    I remember you from myspace. We had good fun on this site. I am big fan of your line of leather goods and had no idea you do funnys. Please keep the funnys coming and ill see you real soon. Ciao

  2. girl from denmark

    hey jed..

    i’m glad that i stumbled over this site and found you. i didnt meet you on facebook or any of the other retarded “look at what i’m doing right now and see how many friends i have” websites. i saw you at a club in denmark a couple of years ago and you where wearing a hot purple turtleneck if i’m not mistaken.. grrrh…

  3. Hi Jed my buddy sent me your site a while back and I thought Id share an email I wrote him. Its in regards to your posts and the funny makk-em-ups you and your friend Sara share.

    Dearest Mike
    I fully blame you for my lack of productivity today. That damn web site is so addictive. And its not even like I know who Jed is, I’m sitting there reading it going ” wow this person Iv never met has much more interesting conversations than me”. I feel pathetic that reading some one else txt msg are so entertaining. Im going to save up so I can buy a tazer and taze you when you are out here and when you ask me why, Mike, when you ask me why Ill say “I’m the least productive member of the work team”. Plus my co-workers think I’m crazy cuz it will be dead quiet and you’ll send me a gem and I laugh out loud. Then everyone looks and asks “hey man whats so funny” and I cant say “oh Iv been dicking off for the past few hours and just read this histaricle blog”. Instead I say some lame shit like “oh I was just thinking of this thing that happen on the office one time”. keep sending me funny shit, fuck you.

    So again thanks for a few yuckyucks

  4. Hello Jed,

    This Ian is making me jealous. Nobody likes your funnys more than me. What do you think of my vebsite? Good pictures of hrdcochindenmark yeah? Please tell.

  5. Sven! I’m so glad you like the funnys. And I’m even gladder you’re a fan of my leather goods. We used to have such good times on Myspace. What a great vebsite that used to be. Oh weird. It seems your accent rubbed off on me.

  6. Hello Jed,

    Have you missed me? I have decided to take a break from your funnys to read the humor of college website. I cant wait to see you soon.


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