About Chats

Aww, thanks for clicking! We had a feeling you might, so we want to take this opportunity to share with you that every chat comes from actual ones that we’ve had over the last few years.

What we mean is, we don’t plan any posts. We just sort of work with what we have.

And since we’ve received questions about it, you should know nothing is in chronological order. Some posts are from when we were students, or lived in different locations around the world, or when we were roommates. In some posts we’re single, in others we have boyfriends or girlfriends… don’t go getting all confused it’s just a jumbled up blog, okay?

Also, we want to say that you seem like a really nice person. So thanks again for clicking on the “About Chats” section. It really means a lot to us and we hope you check back often for updates. We really mean that!


5 responses to “About Chats

  1. Your chats have changed my life. I was once a waist size 42, now I’m a 37.

    Thank you, Chats with Jed and Sara!!!

  2. Love this stuff here. I’m finding so many insights to create the ultimate campaign for Durex Cock Rings.

    Thanks again.

  3. Kenneth, those things sell themselves.

  4. just so you guys know, …

    nobody reads the really long ones.

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